a gaming concept store at 'selfridges' london.
Gaming, a subculture thriving on technology, community and engagement.
Bridging the virtual 
space, Selfridges is hosting a physical place to step into their digital world.
The face of gaming has changed -- from loners living in their parent’s basement to AVANT-GARDE 
gen Z influencers pushing the limits of technology and innovation.

Creative Direction  ·  branding  ·  animation · augmented reality ·  3d 

Gaming isn’t a diet, it’s a lifestyle. Key players reach new heights through breaking the wall between virtual and IRL.
The gateway to a new world, cross over, Transform yourself.

The concept is CULT-
ure, so I decided to use the Gothic arch formation (the tracery)
to lead the visuals and the composition. The logo as the Rose -
the circular openings At the head of the arch of the window.
The stained window is the new world that awaits you.

All hail the Alpacalyps🦙

Blurring the lines between graphic, 3D, photography and motion design –
mixed mediums are increasingly becoming the norm in design‫,‬ creating a constant virtual exploration‫.‬

Interactive posters: Aim your cam to an image for secret messages, easter eggs, perks and animations.
Arches as a gateway‫,‬ brand elements coming to life‫.
The Garments

Taking the Retro Futuristic Glam to the next level
• Accessories yourself and cross over to the other side.
• The uniforms are simple, easy to produce, tech-fashion with the Logo Symbol as a pin or patch.
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