3D Art, Digital Art, 3D Modeling
Branding, Motion Graphics, 3D, AR, Creative Direction
Shabour Paris - by Assaf Granit
The Bike Shop - Selfridges London
The inspiration came from walking the streets - by the beauty of the layered visuals we saw on the streets: the ripped posters on top of each other, creating collages and new images, the spray paint, mix & matched layers, posters, creating the urban surrounding we bypass every day
La Boulangerie
Pickpocket - Toledano AW20
Pickpocket - Toledano AW20
The specials FW19
A by Anabelle - Branding & Web Design
The Skull Immortalized
Hila Toledano - Instagram Campaign
Pre-Fall 2018
End of Summer Sale
Identity for the end of the summer sale
Fit Studio TLV
Branding for Pilates Studio in Tel Aviv. Muscle-quivering, heart-pumping, total body workout.
Cheap Monday Sample Sale 2018
Identity for the latest Cheap Monday Sample Sale
Belle&Sue SS18
Spring Summer Campaign for Belle & sue. Art direction and Video editing: Danielle Shami Photography: Merav Ben Loulou Styling: Shay Lee Nissim
Logos & Logotypes
Branding, Graphic Design, Typography
Rena's House - Apartment hotel and art house
Branding for an apartment hotel and art house in TLV
Cyber Monday 17
Visual Language for Black Friday & Cyber Monday
Magazine Layouts
Unpublished layouts as part of a summer internship for a London based magazine.
Editorial Design, Graphic Design, Typography
Limbo - Video installation
Limbo is a video installation investigating the mass information that surrounds us every day. An extreme view of our world today. The images engulfing the viewers, overloading them with information, type and textures. Created by: Danielle Shami Sound design by: Boaz Bachrach
Animation, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics
XV Supper Club
XV Supper Club is a pop up dinner event for artists only. There are 15 seats represented by different creative professions, with their own icon and a projected banner presenting the artists. Each event, different creators will be seated at the table filling the creative roll of their priors. The feast is to bring those creative minds together at one table. each event the artists will showcase their own work or collaborate with each other. This is a themed event in unique and varied locations around Tel-Aviv and other cities around the world. Created for Branding course under the guidance of Anna Geslev, Shenkar Department of Visual Communication, Israel. מיתוג למועדון ארוחת ערב לאמנים בלבד. ישנם 15 מקצועות שונים אשר אליהם ייכנסו בכל אירוע יוצרים שונים הממלאים את מקומם של קודמיהם. לכל מקצוע אייקון משלו. מטרת הסעודה היא להפגיש בין מוחות יצירתיים בשולחן אחד. לכל אירוע האמנים ייתבקשו להציג את עבודתם או לשתף פעולה עם האמנים האחרים המוזמנים לאירוע. נושאי הערב משתנים וכן גם מיקום הארוחה. נעשה במסגרת קורס מיתוג בהנחיית אנה גסלב, שנה ד', שנקר.
Animation, Branding, Graphic Design
C4D experiments
just playing around
Animation, Computer Animation, Digital Art
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